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My Golden Friend

Geena is my amazing Golden Retriever life companion, that I had dreamed of and waited to have for 7 years of my childhood/teenage. She'd been by my side for many years (since 2010) and had assisted to many of my greatest memories, adventures and life changing events. In other words, she's seen me at my best and at my worst. I must say, my 20s wouldn't have been the same without her.
She is a real star, since a lot of people know her from all over the world. She was popular at my college, at my dance school, dog shows (she’s Champion in 4 countries, International Show Champion, Club Winner etc.) and my travel companion in many of my adventures in Romania. She's also the mother of 15 adorable Golden Retrievers, having two litters in her life.
Since my lifestyle has changed so drastically with my many travels and future plans, unfortunately now she doesn't live with me anymore, but she is at a dear friend together with her family, spending time together with her daughter, son, granddaughter and husband!
A facebook page dedicated to her:
Some old youtube videos with her:   Link1  Link2
Her pedigree in case by any chance you are a breeder and are interested in her ancestry:
And of course, many more photos of her:
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